Sandblasting Equipment Manufacturers

Don Day
4 min readNov 16, 2022

In an ever shrinking marketplace, it seems that there is no shortage of sandblasting equipment manufacturers. Even more so now than ever, everyone makes similar claims. But, did you know that most sandblast cabinets require some kind of assembly? However, in one case there is a difference and it is critical.

Where to Start for Sandblasting Equipment

While we have a bias being based in the US, we assert that these are the best blast cabinets available. Primarily because of the construction. Construction matters because, as mentioned above, you don’t want to spend time assembling a blast cabinet — you want to get to work. Another big reason to avoid assembling an abrasive blast cabinet is because it introduces the possibility for leaks.

Leaks in a bead blaster cabinet are terrible. There are safety hazards to consider when abrasive blasting. Without diving into silicosis, which is a deadly condition in the lungs, we can keep it basic. Abrasive media leaking out of a sand blast cabinet will end up everywhere.

The particles are very fine and consist of the broken down abrasive as well as particles from whatever you are blasting. Another potent safety hazard with leaking abrasive is that it can be slippery. This is especially true with glass bead abrasive. Glass beads are basically tiny marbles and when on the floor they are like walking on ice.

Cyclone Sandblaster Manufacturer — Construction

As we said, we’re bias. We want you to end up with a Cyclone blast cabinet. As one of the oldest sandblasting equipment manufacturers around, we have a solid understanding of the industry. We have some very important advantages over other competitively priced models.


First, we construct our cabinets from laser cut steel. This gives precision edges. Then, these edges are both robot welded and manually welded. This leaves nearly zero distance between the welded edges. That means very little possibility of leaks. We don’t stop there, though. Our technicians take additional time to seal each seam throughout the cabinet to make absolutely sure that there are no gaps for leaks.

Second, we weld our legs to our cabinets. This is absolutely critical to note. Despite what you might see on other sites, look very closely where the legs of a cabinet connect to the upper cabinet blast chamber. You will most likely see bolts. You can also investigate a cabinet’s construction by finding the instruction manual. We bet you find assembly instructions that will require you to build your own cabinet.

Full Top Opening — Sandblasting Cabinet Equipment Manufacturers
Model FT-6035 Bead Blaster Shown

Sandblaster Equipment Manufacturer — Full Top Opening Blast Cabinets

Another aspect of construction is that we have full top opening blast cabinets. We are unique in this regard. We feel it is important to point out because of the impact to the people using the sandblast equipment.

Although all our cabinets have a side door, lifting items into and out of a cabinet is much easier with a full top opening system. The lids are assisted and are easy to open. You can then lift parts by hand or by mechanical means into the cabinet. Close the lid and off you go! Many sandblasting equipment manufacturers overlook this aspect and you’ll end up lifting the parts over the front of the cabinet. This is bad for your user’s back!

Sandblasting Equipment Manufacturer — People Matter

If you call an equipment manufacturer, would you rather wait on hold in a phone tree or just talk to someone who can help? We guessed the answer. Well, with Cyclone you get us. We are a small sandblasting equipment manufacturer located in Dowagiac, MI. We’ve been around for over forty years and much of our success is because of our people. Our team works directly with customers to find the solution that they need. We do not want a sale, we want to partner with you or your business to ensure a long relationship.

As we close, we encourage you in your search to contact us or visit our website. We keep things as simple as possible without sacrificing quality. This means you get high quality made in the USA at a budget friendly price.