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What is a Blast Cabinet Dust Collector?

A blast cabinet dust collector primary purpose to improve visibility inside a sandblast cabinet. Secondarily, it contains the dust and debris it collects. We cover the second point in Part 2. For this article we focus on visibility and how to achieve it. During the sandblasting process, the abrasive is airborne and breaks down causing dust. Dust and debris from parts inside the cabinet are released too. These factors combine and make seeing inside during blasting difficult. That’s where a dust collector comes in. In this article we cover the basics.

What does it do?

On the most basic level, the blasting cabinet dust…

Built to Last

A good sandblasting cabinet must be built to last. Some don’t have what it takes. They either cost a fortune, require assembly, and most cheap cabinets leak all over the floor.

sandblasting cabinet — made in usa
sandblasting cabinet — made in usa

When it comes to a good blast cabinet, start with the construction. All steel welded is important because you won’t have to bolt the chamber to the legs. Further, you’ll have more time to blast if you get one assembled. Next, make sure it is properly sealed. Sealed at the seams and any openings. The better construction, the less mess you have during and after sandblasting.

Don Day

Cyclone Manufacturing

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